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Coyle Communications delivers bespoke cabling, splicing and hardware solutions using technicians and engineers who are qualified to work with the latest copper and Fibre Optic Data Systems. We operate across the UK and overseas and can provide 24-hour onsite assistance.

Our team has specialist experience working in environments where there are vulnerable people present (Schools, Mental Health Care Facilities, Hospitals and Secure Facilities). We are well versed in catering to the unique requirements these buildings and the people who call them home have, keeping our presence and disturbance to a minimum. You can be assured that discretion is key to our company and we value each client’s right to have a service delivered without the intrusion this can sometimes bring.

Our key strength is working in a stimulating and collaborative environment and our people are the most valuable asset. They come from a different ethnic, academic and social background as well as our ongoing training, development and mentoring that helps shape exciting careers for our workforce.

We can offer everything from design to delivery or any of the elements as a stand-alone service. These include Design, Surveying, Cabling OH & UG, Splicing, Testing and Commissioning.

Why Coyle

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Utilizing the biggest and best brands in the world, Coyle Communications provide the best solutions for your organizations networking needs.

Our dedicated networking team will design you a solution which can range from a 2 user network to a Wide Area Solution with hundreds of users based in any geographical location. Connectivity is typically over 1gig NICs and switches on cat5, 6 and fibre or high-speed wireless, ensuring that your network is fast, scalable, secure and well supported. Installations are meticulously planned by our installations team with the client and implemented efficiently so that our clients suffer very little or no loss of service during change over or commissioning.

We have over 20 years of experience in structured cabling installations. Whether you are updating, expanding or building your network from scratch, our technicians and engineers can assess and install structured cabling. We pride ourselves on the standard of our work and ensure you are left with well-labelled, tidy and protected cables.

Ethernet delivery

We have experience in both single and multimode fibre and we are able to manage your installation from design to final testing. Our team will take a comprehensive assessment of your existing ducting and baskets to determine if they are suitable for fibre Optics and can advise and plan any additional ducting that is needed.

We then install, splice, terminate and test our systems. Through our meticulous preparation and professional installations, we ensure low downtimes and high availability to our customers.


We build robust Wi-Fi networks for private individuals, small/large companies, local government and we have specialist experience in citywide Wi-Fi installations. These systems can either be managed locally or remotely. Coyle Communications ensure that detailed specifications are developed and signed off by all project members and sponsors so that we deliver and surpass our customers’ expectations.

Coyle Communications provide specialist high-speed wireless networking solutions across a number of sectors. Our solutions overcome technical and geographical obstacles to ensure that users have constant access to the network at all times.

We have unique experience in developing free city-centre and community Wi-Fi projects, so whether you’re looking for a full wireless backbone for your company or to provide free Wi-Fi to your customers or even the surrounding community, we have a solution to meet your needs.

What our candidates and clients say

I have been working with Coyle for almost 5 years and have found them to be very professional in all aspects of my contact with them on a day-to-day basis. Someone is always available to answer any queries promptly and helpfully.


Coyle Personnel staff are friendly and helpful. They seem to want to go the extra mile for us. On joining Coyle, they made the process easy and always kept me informed throughout the process.


I have found Coyle Personnel to be excellent for work, very professional, and helpful with any issues that need attention. I would highly recommend them!


Coyle Personnel is one the best placement agencies for construction workers and the agent Aaron is one of the best!


They are really helpful and contact me regularly about work. The staff are all polite and when they say they will phone you back, they do. 


My contact was based in London and relocated to Milton Keynes, the level of professional help and the quality of the temp work I get from him is rewarding and very helpful. I have been looked after by Liam. 


This is one of the most honest agencies, a lot of them give you false promises. Jamie had always been honest, it's been easy to contact them and they provide me with consistent work. I highly recommend others to join Coyle.


Fantastic service from Coyle, service received was professional and I felt very comfortable dealing with them. Jahker always stayed in touch to make sure I was happy with the job. Would definitely recommend to friends, family and everyone else.


I went to lots of agencies who promised me work but never delivered, until Coyle. They have given me work consistently. If your looking for work in rail you can't go wrong with them.


I've worked with this agency for 15 years now so I've obviously been looked after. I've rarely been without work and have had many offers for a permanent position with construction companies but doing the maths have worked out I actually earn more this way.


I'm new to rail and didn't know what agency to go with and was advised to register with Coyle. I registered on a Wednesday and was offered work on Saturday since then I have had regular work on different jobs and site. It's been a good experience. 


I've used Coyle for Safety-Critical staff for over 15 years now and have always felt like a valued customer. The team at the York office are fantastic and always go the extra mile to help. A big thank-you to them all.


Used Coyle’s staff on numerous occasions on Siemens projects the recruiters have always been a pleasure to deal with.


I deal with Liam and he is always helpful and very quick to organise cover for our staff.


Great team at this office especially Jaimie and Phil, I am not a member of their staff but I use this company to hire staff. Always efficient and can cover any requests asked for even at short notice. Great staff, you have working there.


Since I joined Coyle and have had them as my main sponsor they have been absolutely fantastic, the team have helped me in every way. I would highly recommend Coyle to anyone starting out in the railway industry.


Coyle has been able to provide me with the workers that I need and are helpful in every way. I would really recommend them.


As a property maintenance service in London - Coyle is our one-stop for all of our recruitment needs. As a client company - we are nothing but pleased with the consistent service Coyle offers us. They always meet our needs and don't charge fortunes. Fantastic.

Wizard Fix Team

Since I joined Coyle and have had them as my main sponsor they have been absolutely fantastic, the team have helped me in every way. I would highly recommend Coyle to anyone starting out in the railway industry.


Great company to work for, everyone is very helpful and approachable. Definitely recommend!!


York office for construction has always kept me in work, always been helpful and understanding. Staff friendly and professional, I have never had a problem they couldn't help with. Honestly one of the easiest and hassle free agencies I have worked with.


I have worked in rail for several years now and I've recently moved up north from down south. Coyles have been nothing but great in finding me work any sorting out any issues. Would highly recommend


Jamie, Hayley and Phil are always going the extra mile to keep me in work on the railway and help with any issues I may have, they can’t do enough for me at the moment and have managed to get me in a gang after Christmas! Not a bad word to say about coyles. Cheers guys


The staff were really friendly and found me regular work. Will definitely continue to use Coyle.


Fantastic staff who were more than happy to help. Treated me with respect and would do anything if I had any problems.


Good agency that is well established. They always paid me on time and the staff are very friendly and approachable.


The staff are very helpful and made sure I was paid on time. I will definitely work with them again.


Coyle has been the best agency I've worked for. They are the most professional and the staff are really helpful.


They always go the extra mile to find a job for me. The Chelmsford team are very professional and friendly.


I have worked with them for 14 years and never signed up to any other company. They are overall a great company to work for.


The Commercial team was able to set up plenty of interviews for me. They are professional and call me frequently to check how am I doing.


I've worked with this agency for 15 years now so I've obviously been looked after. I've rarely been without work and have had many offers for a permanent position with construction companies but doing the maths have worked out I actually earn more this way,


Coyle Education are the best! Found me the role I was looking for in a fantastic school within a week.


Worker at Coyle Rail for 18 months. Great company to work for, management was very helpful and love the job.


Had a great experience with them. I found Coyle Education staff really professional and friendly. Thanks to them I managed to find my dream job.


Excellent company to work for, I have been with Coyle for a year now and they have kept me in constant work and put me through a few courses. They are a good bunch and as long as you work hard for them they work hard for you!


I was advised by my PTS Trainer to register with Coyle, went to register on a Wednesday, was offered work on Saturday. I have had regular work on different jobs and sites. It's been a good experience for me, I'm glad I registered with Coyle.


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