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Why work with an agency on the CCS Education Framework?

Written by

Joe Aubrey

Date posted

11 April, 2019

The Crown Commerical Service has developed a framework to govern the recruitment of supply teachers and temporary staff in educational establishments. In 2018, Coyle Education satisfied the criteria to work under this framework, and we can be found on the PSL on the CCS website.

There are many benefits to partnering with an agency that works under the CCS Supply Teacher Framework. Below you can find out a bit more about what it means for candidates and schools alike.


More about the Framework

The Supply Teacher Framework, which is sponsored by the Department for Education, relates to the recruitment of supply teachers and temporary staff in schools, colleges, academies, and other educational establishments. The framework is not available to independent (for-profit) schools.

The roles recruited under the agreement include qualified teachers, non-qualified teachers, support staff, headteachers, and back-office roles. The framework contains policies regarding temp-to-perm fees, fixed-term appointments, nominated workers, and more.


The Framework broken down

  • All charges must be completely transparent, including a teacher’s gross pay, national insurance, holiday pay, pension contributions etc.
  • Background screening and safeguarding checks must be carried out to Department for Education ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ standards.
  • No temp-to-perm fees once a candidate has completed 12 weeks in a post.
  • Nominated worker - a school can find a candidate they like and put them through an agency’s payroll.
  • Consistent, pre-negotiated terms and conditions are required.


Benefits to schools

So, why is it beneficial for schools to work with an agency on the CSS Supply Teacher Framework?

Work in a relationship based on trust and transparency - The fully transparent charges and rates mean that schools can be comfortable that they are getting value for money.

Have complete confidence in your temporary workers - Robust, comprehensive background checks help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils. Schools can be confident that candidates are fit to be working in a school.

Be sure that your agency is working to the highest standards - Agencies are fully audited, proving they adhere to best practice standards in education recruitment. Ongoing audits ensure that agencies keep their standards high.

Don’t get caught out by massive fees - No temp-to-perm fees mean that if you want to take a teacher on full-time, you don’t have to outlay a significant sum to do so.

Make the most of your agency relationship - The nominated worker aspect offers schools flexibility, allowing them to make use of an agency's payroll processes.


Benefits to candidates

It’s not only schools that benefit from working with agencies under the CCS Supply Teacher Framework. There are a number of reasons why a supply teacher should choose to work with such an agency.

Be sure you’re getting paid fairly - Transparency on charges and pay means that agencies will not be able to make massive margins on your time. You can earn more through an agency on the CCS Framework.

Work with top schools - An agency working under the framework is more likely to work with the best schools. By registering with an agency like this, you are more likely to be placed in a top-quality school.

No barriers to a permanent position - Agencies are not able to charge schools a temp-to-perm fee. This means that if a school likes a candidate, they don’t have to consider the large fee that would usually be associated with hiring on a permanent basis.


Why work with Coyle Education?

Not all agencies have engaged with the Framework, and the question you should ask yourself is: ‘why’?

It displays complete transparency in costs and verifies the compliance procedures undertaken. Should this not be welcomed by all teaching agencies?

As a leading provider, Coyle Education is on hand with specialist consultants who are ready to support your staffing needs. Get in touch today to see the calibre of staff we’re working with and find out just how much money we could save you.

Our honesty, integrity and focus to support your staffing needs are underlined by our willingness and acceptance onto the CCS Supply Teachers Framework.


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