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Starting a new job: How to impress your manager and settle in quickly...

Written by

Joe Aubrey

Date posted

26 March, 2019

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When you start a new job, if you’re serious about succeeding, coming across well and making a good impression early is so important. You want to let people know that they can expect a high standard of work from you, that you’re reliable, and that you will be an asset to the business.


Introduce yourself relentlessly

In the first few days of your new job, you want to show that you are enthusiastic about the job. One of the best ways to show your enthusiasm is by being energetic and positive when introducing yourself. Be careful to not go over the top, but introduce yourself to new colleagues in a confident way that shows you are looking forward to working with them.

Ask well-timed questions

Asking questions is very important in the first few weeks of a new job. Without asking questions, you might not pick up on important information and fall behind. Asking sensible questions shows that you are keen to immerse yourself in your new role and learn as much as possible early on.

However, you need to watch a couple of things. Firstly, make sure you ask questions at appropriate times. You don’t want to interrupt people when they’re busy. Secondly, make sure you use some initiative and have a go at finding answers out by yourself first.

Build your work relationships

It can sometimes be difficult to settle down into a new role. One way to help with this is to build good, professional relationships with your colleagues. Having a friend in work can help you to settle into a new role quicker, and help you to feel more comfortable.


After the first month

Get to know your team

Hopefully, after a month, you will have solid relationships with some of your new colleagues. Once you have got to know people, try and get a feeling for the dynamics of the workplace. Gaining an understanding of this will help you further down the line. However, definitely don’t gossip or speak to your colleagues about other team members, this is unprofessional.

Organise yourself

Make sure you’re organised and come up with a way of carefully managing your workload. After working in a new role for a month or so, the chances are that you will have been given duties and will be expected to carry out tasks autonomously. Having a good system to organise your to-do list will make it much easier to keep your tasks on track. There are loads of ways to stay organised, from just keeping lists on paper to using an online tool like Trello.


Three Months

Make sure you have a review

In most jobs, you will have a meeting with your line manager after three or six months to review your performance and how you have settled into the job. If you’re supposed to have a review, make sure it happens!

People are busy, and sometimes something like a review meeting can be pushed back and even be forgotten about. Don’t let this happen to you. Review meetings are an excellent way of getting feedback and finding out what areas need development. It is also a perfect opportunity to raise any concerns or issues that you're having.

Reconnect with old colleagues

Once you have taken the time to settle into the new role, it’s a great idea to get in touch with your former co-workers. By maintaining these relationships, you are keeping your professional network open. This can help you out when it comes to taking the next step in your career.


Those were our tips on what you should do when starting a new job. Making a good first impression is so important, and by getting off to a good start, you are more likely to reach your goals and succeed in your new job. If you are looking to take the next step in your career, get in touch with Coyle today or submit your CV online. Our expert consultants will be happy to discuss your options and offer more excellent career advice.

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