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The Coyle Career Ladder

At Coyle, we encourage all our employees to grow both personally and professionally. That is why we have developed clear pathways to allow employees to progress within their divisions and teams.

There are some great success stories throughout the history of Coyle, where employees starting as a resourcer or trainee have made their way all the way up to team leader, manager, or even director.

Below we have listed the typical journey that you will embark when beginning your career with Coyle.

Junior Roles

Recruitment Admin - This is the first step on the recruitment career ladder, and your chance to get to grips with the industry and how things work. You will play a key role, supporting your team in a number of ways.

Resourcer - A resourcer is a key role within any recruitment agency. You will be responsible for finding suitable candidates to fill our available roles. You'll need to discover the best ways to attract candidates and display excellent customer service.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant - The next step up is Trainee Recruitment Consultant, where you will learn more about the role carried out by consultants. You will start to have more contact with clients and learn how to bring in more business.

Mid-Level Roles

Recruitment Consultant - In a more client-facing role, you will be responsible for winning your own business and increasing revenue for your team. The more sector knowledge you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

Senior Recruitment Consultant - If you continue to hit your targets in consecutive months, your salary base will increase and you will be able to earn more commission. At this stage of your journey, you will be expected to have an input on business direction. You should be an expert in your field.

Recruitment Manager - At this stage, you will be given the opportunity to attend management courses to develop your leadership, training & mentoring skills. Growing your team will become a priority, and your targets will change to reflect this.

Executive Roles

Senior Recruitment Manager - As new employees and trainees progress down their own career paths, you will be rewarded for building a strong and successful team. You will now be responsible for exploring new markets, and building new teams to move into them.

Associate Director - As an Associate Director, you will now be responsible for your division as a whole; mentoring other managers to maximise their potential and managing other aspects of the business such as P&L and staff welfare.

Executive Director - A critical member of the whole group, you will identify new opportunities, explore new markets, and have an influence on the future of the business. Your hard work and success will be rewarded with equity within the business.

What our employees say

Coyle gave me the opportunity for my first job, and it has been the perfect job for me. For me, the best thing about Coyle is the amount of support you get. I have been given many opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge. I have already completed one training course and already have plans to do a second when I have finished.

Joe, Marketing Assistant

I joined Coyles in 2015 and have really benefited from their ideology of promoting from within and I am now the head of a department. Coyles have given me plenty of training and have supported me by allowing me to do a specialist course, from which I have gained a level 5 qualification.

The working environment is great and really helps everyone focus but also allows you to have fun, and means everyone in the office gets along really well. I am lucky that I am in a position where I can see other employees going from strength to strength which just goes to show what a great company Coyles is.

Shannon, HR Team Leader

I've been working at Coyle for just over two years now, and it's been a great experience so far. For me, the best thing is the company's commitment to improving its systems and processes, which gives us employees the best possible chance to succeed.

All the offices have a great atmosphere and there's a real family feel right across the business. Would definitely recommend Coyle to anyone.

Josh, Marketing Manager

Coyles presented me with a great platform to develop my skills and progress into a senior role. Within 6 months of starting, I was rewarded for hitting my targets with pay-rises and the addition of a trainee to help expand the areas I was developing.

Further pay-rises and 2 additional trainees have since followed and the team is growing along with the area. The office environment is the best I have experienced with regular team and company events helping the culture which has created a great place to work.

Grant, Recruitment Consultant

Since joining Coyle I have had a whirlwind of a time. Coyle has adopted a flexible approach to their staff. I started my career in Aug 2017 and have worked my way up to a manager within two years. The growth experienced has exceeded my expectations. This is down to company structure, the atmosphere and the support of my managers.

I am enjoying my time here at Coyle, I'm going from strength to strength and I look forward to a lengthy career at.

Chris, Recruitment Consultant

I have worked for Coyle Personnel for almost 9 years now. I originally started as a voluntary receptionist based in Liverpool Street. I then progressed into a resourcing role for the Public Sector team which has now led to me currently oversee the Public Sector Division.

Everyone here at Coyle makes the company what it is, and it is an absolute delight to work here. It is a very diverse organisation, the culture and atmosphere in all the offices I have visited so far is fantastic, everyone is so welcoming.

What I most like about the company would have to be the directors, they are always very approachable, friendly and have always encouraged and assisted me with my development throughout my journey so far.

Jahker, Resourcer Manager


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